Unlock AT&T USA iPhone Carrier Locked by IMEI

By Gavin | August 25, 2019

I'm going to show you how to get AT&T to unlock your iPhone, and this is an official unlock, no jailbreak is needed.

Before we go ahead and get started to make sure to go get your IMEI number from your iPhone and just jot that down somewhere, so when you call them you won't be searching for it.


Call the international number to unlock faster

Secondly, here's the number for AT&T, I'm going to go ahead and call the international number, even though I'm in the States I'm going to do that because from previous experience the international telemarketer gave me the unlock faster. He didn't ask as many questions and it was more straightforward, and then we're just going to go ahead and call them.

If you do not have an 18 t account you're going to have to skip through all the prompts to get directly to the rep or else you'll have to enter in your phone number for AT&T, which I do not have.

There might be different situations for me, I have an iPhone that's never been on AT&T, and for me, I'm trying to unlock an iPhone that has previously been with AT&T, but not that anything I know if I got the phone from eBay. You're going to have to be straight up with them and I'll bring you through the phone call.

With AT&T contract for the phone auto-unlock not working

If you have been with AT&T and are still on contract for that specific phone, then this is not going to work.

People have said informs, though if you go to an Apple store or call in Apple care and somehow, get your iPhone replaced the IMEI number on the iPhone, you get your phone replaced with has no ties with your AT&T account, and they will put the unlock.

Through also if you are still with AT&T on the same phone, but you are not in contract with that phone, they should unlock it also. Let's go ahead and call AT&T, we're going to dial the international number because I've gotten better reps with them. We're going to press dial, we're not going to press any numbers to skip.

If you actually do not talk automatically basically don't press, auto automatically connect you to a representative after the representative gets online, then we'll see what happens, 'Thank you for calling international care, this is Robert.' 'Hello sir, I'm trying to unlock an iPhone, that is no longer with AT&T, it doesn't like the contract has already expired and it has no more account with AT&T.' 'Okay, happy to assist you with that.'

Unlock by the international number call

Now did you purchase one? Come on, you enjoy yourself, I purchase this from something, and you don't have half of the service from the phone used to have service with AT&T, but the person I bought it from their contract either ended or they paid the end termination fee. I would mean that IMEI line number on the phone, the IMEI number is zero, and what type of it now is an iPhone 3GS and with an email address, real good.

An email address would be socially a few minutes sure, while I put the request in the system 'should I be sent home'? 'Yes, then I'll come back with a case number for your confirmation, thank you, you are going in the real contact phone number, in case we get the connector running, just a few moments, and if you don't mind all do my work on that, I'm going to place one of these on hold, you are working on your request. If you need me just call out.'

'Okay, thank you for all the crazy information.' 'I have a case number for your confirmation for the online class, it's going to be and expect a resolution in the evening of May 1st Oh about a week till next Tuesday, and you should have an email from us with a locking code in the instruction, and soon would suit. Thank you, have a good night. '

After call receive this email and follow the instructions restore

As you see, from that call I call the international number, and I didn't press any buttons until I got transferred to a representative, I told them my situation, how I bought a phone which is no longer in a contract with AT&T. He asked for my name, email, callback number, and IMEI number, and after that, he took a little while to make a case, give me a case number and I shall be receiving unlock email in my email soon.

Let me go ahead and show you what the email looks like, this should be the email you should receive. After the unlock is complete an average time maybe two days to it could be up to two weeks. There's a lot of people trying to unlock their phone, don't be worried if you haven't gotten your unlock.

Once you have you'll receive this email and all you have to do is plug your iPhone in and follow the instructions restore, and you might not get the unlock message until you put an unauthorized sim in the phone.

A method to do it without actually restoring it

If you do not really want to restore and you know how to Jailbreak there's in red snow, the program for jailbreak you could just pretend to jailbreak your phone again, but instead of installing Cydia you could just press deactivate, and I'll keep all your things on there, and you just plug your phone into iTunes and reactivate your phone.

That's a method to do it without actually restoring it.

Other web page resource

Unlock Device - Wireless Support - AT&T: https://www.att.com/esupport/article.html#!/smb-wireless/KM1258553?gsi=y2m168